Depending on whether you’re a granny looking for child care
or a family looking for an au pair granny.

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For families

299€ Register Duration:Up to hiring

To entrust Mamie au Pair with the complete recruitment mission... until hiring.

  • Strict selection of candidates
  • Proposal of a Senior that best suits your wishes.
  • Follow-up of placement and availability.
  • Guarantee that the person placed benefits from the documents requested at the time of registration.
  • Information about the different organizations for the declaration of the au pair/papi.
  • Standard employment contract to help you draw up your own employment contract in France, which must be checked for compliance with labour law legislation.
  • Report on child care and family involvement.
  • Mediation in case of disagreement and new search the first month of a senior if necessary.
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Sign up to find a Mamie Au Pair!

49 Register Duration:1 month

To find the ideal Mamie Au Pair and meet her

  • Express your needs using a simple form.
  • Access to all granny profiles, as well as their contact information for 1 month.
  • Concretize your childcare project with the granny of your choice.
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For Mamie Au Pair's

15 Register Duration:3 years

Our vocation is to connect families looking for childcare and grannies recruited by us.

  • Presenting your profile to families looking for a granny.
  • Contacting families interested in your profile.
  • Access to your personalized space to follow the evolution of your childcare search.