Why looking for a Mamie au Pair?

– The experience of motherhood
– A childcare method that reassures parents
– A trustworthy person available for awakening, accompaniment to school, homework, extra-curricular activities…. And everything that rhythms your family’s life.
– An important place for culture in your home by welcoming foreign Mamie au Pair.

How to declare the Mamie au Pair?

A Mamie au Pair is declared as “home help” or “childcare at home”, she cannot be declared as an au pair who are students because MAMIE AU PAIR is a brand that belongs to Mrs. LONGA.
If you are domiciled for tax purposes in France, you can benefit, under conditions, from a tax reduction for your expenses related to the employment of a childcare at your home.
You are entitled to the early childhood benefit PAJE (CLICK HERE).
(Click then: complement of the free choice of the mode of guard.)
See the Caf.fr
Your CESU membership (CLICK HERE) “declarative” in a few clicks… ..<br>
You can declare your Grandma / Grandpa as an employee.

The Mamie au Pair’s salary?

Mamie au Pair are paid to the SMIC less the benefits in kind (housed/fed).

The collective agreement defines a flat-rate estimate of benefits in kind:
4,70 € per meal
71 € per month for accommodation

Who gives the salary to the Mamie au Pair?

Family is the employer.

How long can we hire a Mamie au Pair?

    Vous engagez une mamie selon votre besoin :

  • Pour toute une période scolaire
  • Pour un replacement de nounou en congé
  • Pour une période de formation
  • Pour des vacances
  • Pour un week-end

How do I contact a Mamie au Pair?

After a subscription with Mamie au Pair, you can contact a Mamie au Pair by mail, phone or Skype

Who should I contact in case of problems?

Mrs. LONGA at

What criteria do you use to recruit Mamie au Pair?

The Mamie au Pair is recruited according to her motivation, her experience, her dynamism and her ability to adapt.

House a Mamie au Pair?

A Mamie au Pair must have her own room with wifi and television and a private bathroom if possible.</p>